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Is Your Selling Agent Supportive of Home Staging?

Why are Selling Agents not always advocates of Home Staging?

For example, I recently surveyed & quoted to fully stage a 2 bedroomed apartment in Drogheda town centre, it was an older property & had been rented out. By re-styling the apartment, adding art, lighting, rugs, accessories & some rental furniture, it would have been transformed! I would have significantly improved the online presence of this home & I am 100% confident it would have generated considerable interest and competitive bidding in this current market (February 2021).

The asking price for this property is at the lower end of the market arguably but staging this property would have added value & quickly sold this property.

My potential client liaised with 3 local Selling Agents, all of whom advised him not to stage the property, it was not worth the investment.

Additionally, my potential client post sale would be liable for Capital Gains Tax, Home Staging is tax deductible, another benefit.

I am genuinely curious as to why the Selling Agents were not supportive of Home Staging.

Do they not support Home Staging where the property is not of a high value?

Do they not see the merit of Home Staging in general?

Did they already have a Buyer/Investor in mind, so a quick sale was already assured?

Surely all Selling Agents welcome extra commission? And more importantly, speed of turnaround on their books is very good for business & in attracting new clients?

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