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9 Reasons Why Your Home Isn’t Selling

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Why is my Home not Selling? Here are some of the most common reasons…..

Ø Your Home’s Price point is too high

Ø Your Home’s Listing Needs Work, its online presence needs to be improved

Ø Your Home Needs Cleaning, De-Cluttering & De-Personalisation

Ø Your Home Needs Staging – DIY staging or employ a Professional

Ø Your Home’s Décor may be a little too individual, it needs mass market appeal

Ø Your Home has a number of very visible areas needing repair

Ø You may not have chosen the Best Selling Agent for your property

1. Your Home is overpriced? Your Estate Agent should have advised a realistic price-point based on their expert opinion & market research. Overpricing your home may eliminate a significant number of viewers from even viewing your home. Do not lower your home’s asking price, without considering the following issues

2. Your Home’s listing needs work? Make sure that you collaborate with your Selling Agent to provide information on all your home’s best features & selling points. Local Area information is also key in terms of amenities such as schools, shopping, public transport. You should appoint a Selling Agent who always uses a Professional Photographer, your online photographs make or break your Home’s listing.

3. Your home has not been professionally cleaned inside & out: You want every viewer to perceive that your home has been well loved, well maintained & kept clean. Viewers will be more concerned about dirt than outdated decor, they will also perceive that the home might be hiding other horrors!

4. You haven't Staged your home. Whether you DIY Stage or employ a Professional, please present your home internally & externally to look its best: If you've already moved out, then don't show an empty house, vacant rooms look smaller & lose that homely feel, making it difficult for buyers to imagine living in it. Stage your home with furniture, art, lighting, soft furnishings and décor. You want the buyer to aspire to living there. Re-style existing furniture or rent beautiful furniture from a professional home staging business. Home Staging pays for itself several times over!

5. You have not de-personalised your Home. Take down your personal décor so that buyers can have an easier time imagining themselves living there.

6. Your home improvements are too Individual! If your home improvements are too personalised, it can scare off buyers who don't want to pay for features they don't want or expect to incur expense changing.

7. You have not de-cluttered your Home: Even if your home is clean, clutter can still be an issue. Overly furnished or cluttered rooms detract from a sense of space & functionality, every room should have a distinct purpose.

8. Your home is in need of too many repairs. All minor repairs & highly visible areas in need of repair should be addressed & made good. Buyers will be concerned if there are multiple visible repairs, that there are more significant underlying issues with your home.

9. You did not choose the best Selling Agent for your home: Do not select your Selling Agent based on the lowest commission or highest selling price recommendation, choose the Selling Agent who is the most appreciative of your business, who is the most expert in your area & who has the best reputation. Your Selling Agent’s marketing strategy & local influence is vital.

Sarah Evers, Staging Your Home for Sale

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