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Blog 04 March 2021 Sarah Evers, Staging Your Home for Sale.

I am currently project managing a small renovation on a lovely mews property in Monkstown, it is so exciting to see the home taking shape. This is not currently a staging project in the typical sense, but preparing the home for re-rental, it has needed a lot of TLC as older homes tend to.

Working to project deadlines & budget can be stressful, but I am so lucky to have built up a fantastic team of tradespeople & we work very collaboratively towards the same end. Thank you all! We're nearly there!

The work involved includes:

· Full garden revamp, major pruning, weeding, flower beds mulched & patio area freshly stoned in a lovely Howth stone.

· Whole internal & external décor repair & paint which has been transformational, including painting tiling, cabinetry and wardrobes.

· Electrical work to ensure all fittings safe & compliant, smoke, heat & carbon monoxide detectors installed.

· Plumbing work, radiators which were no longer fit for purpose replaced, boiler service, leaks repaired, heating system flush carried out.

· Carpentry work to repair floors, boxing to house a boiler & cover feature radiator (a feature for all the wrong reasons!)

· Replace windows with new PVC more energy efficient windows where required.

· Replace all flooring throughout the home.

· Replace all light fittings.

· Replace all window treatments.

· Professional cleaning.

· Moss cleaning from roof & gutters.

· Furniture & waste removal from the home.

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