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Prioritise Staging Tricky rooms !!

Buyers can struggle to visualise how any room should be used or styled, never mind a tricky room i.e. North facing, slanted ceiling, awkward shape, small in size, if partially Staging a home, prioritise Staging these rooms...

Where possible at all, do not let these potential dumping ground rooms be written off, demonstrate their space & functionality, whether it be a Home Office, Nursery space or small bedroom. Every viable room in your home increases your Home's marketability and asking price....

More spacious regularly shaped rooms are so much easier for a Buyer to visualise their presentation

Many of my Homeowners are amazed when we measure up these too easily dismissed rooms & plan to dress them as small double bedrooms with a 4' double bed for example, sometimes there are even opportunities for bijou lockers & skinny lamps. Obviously exercising caution here as doors do need to open! And wardrobe doors too!!

Go on! Try it! Embrace your tricky room!! Where possible all bedrooms should be dressed as doubles where feasible or try adding a futon to your Home Office space

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