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Article by Sarah Evers, Staging Your Home for Sale, 03 February 2021

In these very restricted times, you are solely relying on your Home's online presence to sell, your Home's bio and its online photographs need to look really good. Viewers are currently only allowed to view properties that they have an accepted offer on, this is not for the fainthearted!

Staging can massively help! By styling your home with beautiful furniture, lighting, soft furnishings, art & homewares you can emphasise your Home's best features & create that aspirational Showhome look and feel. If your home is already furnished, its existing style can be enhanced & accessories added to boost its marketability. Make your home memorable for all the right reasons! Persuade your online viewers to aspire to living there....

Never show a home empty, the blank canvas concept is not true! Empty homes look smaller, colder, their true space & functionality is negatively impacted. Statistically only 20% of Viewers can envisage how best to use an empty space, 80% of your home's Viewers need a physical demonstration online!

Get in touch with Staging Your Home for Sale today, you can book an appointment on this site

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