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Article by Sarah Evers, Staging Your Home for Sale #StagedHomesSellFaster


Number 1 – Your home’s selling price has been recommended by an Industry Expert – your Estate Agent, who has an in-depth knowledge of the market & specifically your local market, so the price point should be realistic & achievable. Overpricing a home is not a good idea & will deter viewers from considering your home. You want your home to have as much market appeal as possible!

Please do not reduce your selling price without considering a Home Staging consultation at the very least (a consultation costs from €200)

I get so frustrated when I see a vacant home that needs staging to present it well, but because it is sitting on the market for a while, the Homeowner decides to reduce the asking price without seeking professional Home Staging advice, I see examples of this time and time again, I have noticed numerous homes in North Dublin reducing their asking prices by as much as €70-100K, whereas a Home Staging investment would be a mere fraction of that amount

Is it because the Homeowner does not perceive the €70K as being a physical tangible wad of money?

Versus baulking at investing €5-10K typically in Home Staging? depending on work involved

Home Staging will never cost more than your first price reduction!!!!

Not only should the Home Staging investment considerably help to attain your asking price but should potentially generate competitive bidding & command a higher sale price

Additionally, where Capital Gains Tax is payable, Home Staging is deductible!!! Win, win, win

It’s a no brainer!

Sarah Evers, Staging Your Home for Sale

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