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The importance of dressing a Bedroom!

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

I never fail to be amazed by the poor presentation of bedrooms in particular online, even if you do not possess a particularly nice bed-frame, there is no excuse for not dressing the bed beautifully for online photos, your bedroom is meant to be a restful haven & you need to convey this to a potential Buyer! Let's face it, our bedrooms can be neglected spaces not typically on display, but you need to get your finger out to get your home sale ready!! Ideally to dress a double bed, you should invest in 4 fluffy pillows, some scatter cushions & a throw, your duvet cover set should be freshly laundered & neutral in colour, use your accessorizing cushions & throw for a pop of colour! When I was selling my own home, I kept the "good bedding" carefully aside for viewings only. This lovely bedding will move to your new home with you so it's a sound investment. Ideally you should use the most optimally sized bed for your room, even a small bedroom may take a 4' double bed which makes it more sale-able, by the same token a 6' bed crammed into a small double bedroom is NOT a good look!

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